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WSSU Drawing I – Schedule and Projects


Materials List

20-Aug                      First day of class: Syllabus, course outline, materials list

22-Aug                      Mark making, contour drawing, blind contour

Homework              10 contour drawings in sketchbook


27-Aug                      Sketching, gesture, modified contour superimposed over gesture/rapid drawing

29-Aug                      Extended lines, gesture, and sighting

Homework              10 gesture drawings in sketchbook


3-Sep       Labor Day – no class

5-Sep                        Intro to Perspective: linear and atmospheric

Homework              18×24 Heavyweight paper using pencil and/or graphite stick. Draw an interior space using 1 point perspective. This drawing should use all the techniques we have learned so far: gesture and contour (no value or light and dark).


10-Sep                      Composition: positive and negative shapes

12-Sep                      Composition continued

Homework            No homework for next week due to Hurricane. Stay safe!  10 thumbnails demonstrating different compositions in positive and negative shapes from 1 still life


17-Sep                      Perspective continued outside (weather dependent)

19-Sep                      Perspective continued inside

Homework              One 18×24 Drawing of an exterior space using perspective and line


24-Sep                      Value: general to specific

26-Sep                      Value continued

Homework              In your sketchbook, 1 drawing of an object of your choice, using 4 values (white, black, and 2 grays) and NO LINE

Midterm grades due


1-Oct                         Intro to full value structure: highlight, light, shadow, core shadow, reflected light, cast shadow

3-Oct                         Intro to value in different techniques: hatching, cross hatching as opposed to continuous tone

Homework              In your sketchbook, 1 drawing of a still life in value, using graphite stick and/or pencil or pen in your choice of technique(s) (hatching, cross hatching, or continuous tone). DIRECTIONS: Set up an arrangement of 3-5 objects with a clear sense of light and dark. Hint: point a light at the arrangement or set up near a window. Be sure to take into consideration the surface underneath and around the objects.

FOR NEXT WEEK: Bring a pen to class (Inexpensive ball point is perfect.)

8-Oct       Fall break – no class

10-Oct                       Exploration of line quality and variation

Homework             On 18×24 Heavy-weight paper and using pencil and/or graphite. Place a piece of fabric (clothing or a sheet are fine) on a flat surface and draw it. It will be easier if you use plain (no pattern) light-colored fabric. Use your whole piece of paper. Start drawing the bigger folds and work your way to the smaller ones.


15-Oct                       Combining line and value – Portraits

17-Oct                       Combining line and value – Hands
Watch: Titus Kaphar TED Talk:

Homework             On 18×24 Heavy-weight paper and using pencil and/or graphite: Draw a self-portrait. Include at least your head and shoulders. This drawing should use value and line.

FOR NEXT WEEK: Bring your colored pencils to class.

22-Oct                       Intro to color: color wheel (primaries, secondaries, tertiaries), hue, value, saturation, temperature, complements and other schemes, meaning & emotion

Learn How Color Theory Can Push Your Creativity to the Next Level

24-Oct                       Sketching with color

Homework              In your sketchbook, 5 color sketches of foods/candy or wrappers, 1 drawing per page. You can use pencil or ink with colored pencil.


29-Oct                       Color in a still life

31-Oct                   Halloween – Color in a still life


5-Nov                        Color in a still life

7-Nov                        Color in a still life

Homework              In your sketchbook, 4 drawings in pencil or ink with color. Draw anything you want from life: landscape, interior space, still life, portrait, self portrait, etc… You must consider the whole page (ie: If you are drawing your hand on a table, also include the table it’s resting on and anything else in your field of view.) After drawing it in ink or pencil, add color to an area of the drawing to heighten it (meaning to activate that area or to add emphasis).


12-Nov                      Putting it all together – Open drawing session at Salem College 1:30-4:00 pm

14-Nov                      Putting it all together

Homework              In your sketchbook, 2 drawings of people (someone else or yourself). Each drawing should take a minimum of 30 minutes to complete.


19-Nov                      Begin Final Drawing

21-Nov    Thanksgiving Break starts – no class

Homework              Work on Final Drawing


26-Nov                      Final Drawing

28-Nov                      Final Drawing


3-Dec                      Last day of class: Final Drawing

5-Dec                     Exam day: Final Drawing Critique

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