WSSU Drawing I – Schedule and Projects


Materials List

Schedule may change. Please check every week.
Homework is due on the following Tuesday each week. Homework is graded and worth 80% of your class grade.

20-Aug 1st day of classes – syllabus, course outline, materials list – What is Drawing?
22-Aug Mark making, contour drawing, blind contour (Intro to materials)
Homework 1: 5 contour drawings in sketchbook using pencil. You should start each drawing loosely to feel out the shape and space of the object you’re drawing. Work from general to specific, starting with simple geometric forms and working your way to more subtle shapes. Break down curves into a series of lines. Once you have started to figure out the shape with lightly drawn lines, build on that using line to describe the edges of the object as carefully as possible.

Don’t forget to grade yourself! Once you have finished all 5 drawings, take an honest look at your work, and grade yourself from 0-10 points. Use the RUBRIC as a guideline.

27-Aug Gesture, modified contour superimposed over gesture/rapid drawing
29-Aug Gesture and contour continued
Homework 2: 10 5-min sustained gesture drawings in sketchbook using graphite stick. 1 page per drawing. You can draw anything: still life (things), the figure (humans), landscape or interior space. These are relatively quick drawings that try to get a “feel” for what you’re drawing. Time yourself for 5 minutes each.

3-Sep Shape: general to specific, geometry, and sighting
5-Sep Shape: general to specific, geometry, and sighting
Homework 3: Set up a still life using a minimum of 5 objects. In your sketchbook, make 10 thumbnails demonstrating different compositions from your still life. On a sheet of 18×24 70lb paper, make a drawing of your still life using graphite stick and pencil, demonstrating use of gesture, contour, geometry and sighting. Be prepared for a critique next Tuesday.

10-Sep Critique; Value: 5-step value charts in charcoal and graphite
12-Sep Value continued: 2 value still life drawing
Homework 4: Set up a still life using a minimum of 5 objects. In your sketchbook, make 10 thumbnails demonstrating different VALUE compositions from your still life. On a sheet of 18×24 70lb paper, make a drawing of your still life using charcoal, in value shapes (NO LINE) using 5 values: 100% white, 25% grey, 50% grey, 75% grey, 100% black. Be prepared for critique next Tuesday and don’t forget to grade yourself (in your sketchbook).

17-Sep Critique, Intro to Perspective: linear and atmospheric
19-Sep Perspective continued
Homework 5: 1 drawing in your sketchbook using pencil (and graphite if you want) of an interior space demonstrating use of perspective. The drawing should take up a full spread of your sketchbook, meaning that it will be drawn over 2 pages. (Yes, the binding will split your drawing, but ignore this.) The interior you choose can be any space: an academic building, your dorm room, kitchen, living room, etc… You must draw a corner of the room so there are at least 2 walls. Include all of the things in your peripheral vision (furniture, windows, doors, any “stuff”, etc…). Use both line and value. You may use more than 5 values.

24-Sep Intro to value structure in different techniques: hatching, cross hatching as opposed to continuous tone. Draw some found objects from nature
26-Sep Value and mark-making. Draw the plant in the classroom
Homework 6: One 18×24 drawing on 70lb paper in pencil and graphite of the plant in the classroom, using line and value (your choice or technique: hatching, cross hatching and/or continuous tone). The drawing must extend off at least 3 edges of the paper.

1-Oct Elements of Composition: how to make a compelling drawing. Critique homework. Make a drawing that is an iteration of your plant drawing. What can be improved compositionally? On your 18×24″ 70lb paper, in charcoal: Make all the positive shapes the darkest value and obliterate any overlapping edges. Work to make your darks as velvety and as dark as possible. Vary the edges so that some are hard and some are soft. Your finished drawing should have 2 values: black and white.
Homework 7: Tuesday’s in class drawing due Thursday. (positive and negative shape drawing in charcoal on 18×24 70lb paper)
3-Oct Subtractive Drawing in charcoal: patterned pillow
Homework 8: Finish the drawing of the patterned pillow if not done in class (subtractive charcoal drawing on 18×24 70lb paper)

Midterm grades

8-Oct Graphite Drawing of still-life for next 3 classes
10-Oct Drawing continued
Homework 9: In sketchbook: 6 drawings, 1 per page, in graphite or ink, of an outdoor or indoor space or still life. Each drawing should take 30 min or more.

15-Oct Fall Break – no class

17-Oct Drawing Continued
Homework 10: Finish still life from class. Be prepared for Critique next Tuesday. Bring colored pencils to class next week (At a minimum, bring blue, red and yellow.)

22-Oct Intro to color: basic color theory
Homework 11: Finish color charts
23-Oct Last Day to Withdraw
24-Oct Trompe l’oeil drawing with little pieces of construction paper and masking tape
Homework 12: Finish your small drawings from class

29-Oct Fruit Drawings in color
31-Oct Fruit Drawings in color
Homework 13: TBD


Here is your project to work on, due on Thursday:

In your sketchbook, on one page, make a drawing in pencil and colored pencil of 1 piece of fruit. You should spend approximately 1.5 hours on this drawing so that it shows a full range of values as well as full color. Please also draw the surface the fruit is on.

7-Nov Fruit drawings continued (color)
Homework: Finish fruit drawing from class

12-Nov Final Drawing Planning: thumbnails and gestures
14-Nov Final Drawing
Homework: Work on Final Drawing

19-Nov Final Drawing
21-Nov Final Drawing
Homework Finish Final Drawing if not done in class

26-Nov Last Day of Class: Final Drawing Critique
28-Nov Thanksgiving Break – no class

13-Dec Final grades due

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