WSSU Drawing I – Schedule and Projects


Materials List

20-Aug                      First day of class: Syllabus, course outline, materials list

22-Aug                      Mark making, contour drawing, blind contour

Homework              10 contour drawings in sketchbook


27-Aug                      Sketching, gesture, modified contour superimposed over gesture/rapid drawing

29-Aug                      Extended lines, gesture, and sighting

Homework              10 gesture drawings in sketchbook


3-Sep       Labor Day – no class

5-Sep                        Intro to Perspective: linear and atmospheric

Homework              18×24 Heavyweight paper using pencil and/or graphite stick. Draw an interior space using 1 point perspective. This drawing should use all the techniques we have learned so far: gesture and contour (no value or light and dark).


10-Sep                      Composition: positive and negative shapes

12-Sep                      Composition continued

Homework            No homework for next week due to Hurricane. Stay safe!  10 thumbnails demonstrating different compositions in positive and negative shapes from 1 still life


17-Sep                      Perspective continued outside (weather dependent)

19-Sep                      Perspective continued inside

Homework              One 18×24 Drawing of an exterior space using perspective and line


24-Sep                      Value: general to specific

26-Sep                      Value continued

Homework              One 18×24 Landscape drawing using value

Midterm grades due


1-Oct                         Intro to full value structure: highlight, light, shadow, core shadow, reflected light, cast shadow

3-Oct                         Intro to value in different techniques: hatching, cross hatching as opposed to continuous tone

Homework              One 18×24 Still life drawing in value, using your choice of technique (hatching, cross hatching, or continuous tone)


8-Oct       Fall break – no class

10-Oct                       Exploration of line quality and variation

Homework              One 18×24 Landscape drawing using mix of line and value and your choice of technique (hatching, cross hatching, or continuous tone)


15-Oct                       Combining line and value

17-Oct                       Combining line and value

Homework              One 18×24 Still life combining line and value in the technique of your choice


22-Oct                       Intro to color: basic theory

24-Oct                       Sketching with color

Homework              10 color sketches of your choice


29-Oct                       Color in the landscape – using a limited palette

31-Oct                   Halloween – Color in a still life – using a limited palette

Homework              One 18×24 landscape drawing using a limited palette


5-Nov                        Color and Expression

7-Nov                        Color and Expression

Homework              One 18×24 drawing TBD


12-Nov                      Putting it all together

14-Nov                      Putting it all together

Homework              TBD


19-Nov                      Putting it all together

21-Nov    Thanksgiving Break starts – no class

Homework              TBD


26-Nov                      Final Drawing

28-Nov                      Final Drawing


3-Dec       Last Day of Class: Final Drawing Critique


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