Project 144

DailyProject144I drew Noah’s little stuffed rabbit today. The drawing makes me a little sad. When I told this to Tim, he remarked that, “There is something inherently sad about children’s toys all by themselves.” That is spot on.

Project 142

DailyProject142Still wasn’t satisfied with the previous days’ drawings, so I did it again tonight, this time with no color and with a strong light source. Feels a bit better.

Project 141

DailyProject141I did another version of the Fisher Price shape sorter blocks drawing since I wasn’t really happy with yesterday’s. Still not totally satisfied with this one, but it feels like a step in the right direction.

Project 140

DailyProject140Today’s drawing is a few of Noah’s Fisher Price blocks from his shape sorter bucket. He loves that thing. Like yesterday’s drawing, it is pencil and watercolor, and measures 10.5 x 13.25cm.

Project 139

DailyProject139.1Today’s drawing is of Noah’s penguin rattle. It’s pencil and watercolor on paper, with dimensions 10.5 x 13.25cm.
















Sadly, my lovely Isabey pocket watercolor brush broke while I was cleaning it today. I’ve never had this happen, and am quite surprised given how careful I am with my supplies…

Project 138

DailyProject138Today’s project is a drawing of the ubiquitous Sophie the giraffe teething toy that Noah and seemingly every baby around here loves. I threw in one of his Fisher Price shape sorter blocks too.

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