Project 137

For today’s project, I made a box for the 50x50x50 series. Making it in origami and using a thick watercolor paper allowed me to make the box with good structure, and without using any adhesives.

DailyProject137.1 DailyProject137.2
































Each group of 10 watercolors is bound with a red embroidery thread.


Project 38

IMG_0687I’m continuing this enso series working with the colors I chose yesterday: Ultramarine, Alizarin Crimson, and Quinacridone Gold. The various mixtures these three colors make remind me alternatively of bruising and of wine stains.
IMG_0684Here is the soap box this series lives in:


Project 2

IMG_0290Today, I made a series of watercolor and ink drawings that fit into a Jila mint box given to me on our Qantas flight from Oz to the States. There are 21 drawings (plus a legend explaining each one) about first discovering Jila mints.
















It is a “story” about the trip to the convenience store, discovering the mints, and the experience of tasting them. While I was — in a way — illustrating this story, I wanted to keep each drawing abstract.







IMG_0279 IMG_0288 IMG_0286

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