Little Watercolor Square workshop


In this workshop for all levels, you’ll learn how to use watercolors, how to mix beautiful colors, and how to make a vibrant watercolor painting using geometric abstraction. This is a very practical workshop that will give you the tools you can take to continue making artworks wherever you are. You’ll learn how to paint mindfully, for relaxation and enjoyment.

This workshop is:

  • For all levels
  • Do at your own pace
  • Comprised of video lessons 2:00-12:00 minutes long with one 40:00 minute painting demonstration

Welcome to the Little Watercolor Square Workshop!

A couple of years ago, I embarked on a daily project to make a small abstract watercolor painting each day for a year. The paintings were inspired by the poetry of nature: color and light in the landscape, seasons, and the passing of time. Each watercolor uses geometric abstraction as a kind of meditation.

I named the project Little Watercolor Square and at the end of the year, I even made a book featuring 100 selects from the project.

Last year I started teaching a workshop at my local art school based on this project and it has become one of my most popular classes. And now it’s available to you online!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • my recommended materials for watercolor success (with a range of materials at difference price points)
  • a brief history of watercolor and how it’s made
  • how I pick the colors of my palette so I can be ready to paint anything
  • basic color theory using the color wheel
  • how to pick paper
  • composition for maximum visual impact
  • how to use watercolors
  • playing with watercolors
  • how to mix colors
  • a demonstration showing how I make a little watercolor square from start to finish
  • recommended books to continue your watercolor adventures

Here’s what’s included:

  • two hours of video instruction, divided into 13 easy to learn smaller segments
  • lifetime access to the online class
  • access to the private Facebook group where you can meet your classmates, ask questions and share your work

Who is this class made for?

This class is made for anyone who wants to make beautiful geometric watercolor abstractions. If you are starting from scratch, if you have some experience and want to learn more, or you’re trying to rekindle your art practice, this is for you.

Each small watercolor is made in one sitting, so it is a great project if you want to make something you love in a short amount of time. This is a peaceful meditative practice and is a gentle form of self-care.

About the Instructor, Jessica Singerman

I’ve been teaching college and community art classes since 2002. I’ve taught drawing fundamentals, figure drawing, painting, design, color, art history… and I used to be a yoga instructor as well. Teaching is my way of giving back to my community by sharing my knowledge and love of art.

I got into watercolor more “seriously” the summer after my last year of graduate school in 2004 when I was on an art residency in the mountains in Italy (in the Dolomites, one of my favorite places on earth). I brought my watercolors as part of a lightweight kit that I could carry with me high up in the mountains on my hikes. I made my first series of 50 watercolors back then, and I have gone back to that format of making small watercolors ever since that time.

You can read more about me and my artwork here and if you want a resumé, no problem… you’ll find that here.

I look forward to getting to know you in class!

Please feel free to share your work to social media using the tag #littlewatercolorsquare.

Note: You will need a high-speed internet connection to watch the video instruction.
You will also need the supplies I list HERE. In the first lesson, I explain why we use these materials.

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