DIY Botanical Drawing Coloring Book


Hello all you pretty people!

This is an 8-page zine that requires hardly any cutting, no staples or tape. This is the same book model that my mom taught me as a kid and that I used to make books for my dolls and stuffed animals. And now I made you a tiny zine featuring 8 of my botanical drawings that you can print, fold into a book and color.

It’s free to download or if you’d like, you can make a contribution to help support my artistic practice.

You can contribute with Venmo @JessicaSingerman or Paypal

Download (1.6MB JPG file) and print it yourself on regular old letter sized paper. Then follow these super-easy instructions for folding and cutting/tearing to turn your sheet into a book. I also made a video showing you how here.

Enjoy coloring it yourself or share the coloring with a friend or your kid(s)!

xx jessica

This is a free cultural work. (CC BY-SA 4.0)


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