In March 2019

I built a mountain of paper cranes at Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art in Charlotte, NC. The idea behind this is to create an experience that evokes the outdoor environment that inspires us. As a painter, my work is motivated by the outdoor experience. Because painting is inherently a two dimensional experience, this installation is a way to create a more immersive experience for viewers.

The second part of this installation is the Sky Project.

I crowdsourced photos of the sky from all over the world via Instagram, and projected them on a gallery wall. The sky images gradually scroll upward similarly to the way we interact with social media. This project is a reaction to the outdoor experience as filtered through our phones. We take photos of everywhere we go and everything we do and share them on social platforms. Many people’s experience of the outdoors is entirely based on what is Instagrammable. How do we continue to have unmediated experiences in nature with the constant distraction of telephones in our lives?

Why is this project important?

Art helps build community connectedness. It gives people the opportunity to dream and to experience joy.

Paper Mountain and Sky Project explore the intersection of the outdoor experience and art. I believe that in an increasingly digital world, it is vital to go outside. My hope is that this installation will encourage people to commune with nature and experience the world directly.

Through exploration and conversation, art can help create empathy. As an artist, I am fortunate to be part of this discussion.

THANK YOU to everyone who funded this project!

The Cycle Path, Robert Brown, Carey Bagdassarian, Carolee Blumin, Rebecca Falls, Jennifer and Jim Rogers, Alan and Veronique Singerman, Mark and Marcy Singerman, Paul Lathrop, Tom Power and Meg Hiltz, Lisa Singerman, Dave Singerman, Fred Perrino, Zach Chupa, Dan Frideger, Dave and Marquette Edwards, Tony Ferlisi, Drea Mastromatteo, Bill Youtie, Meagan Coates, Amy Davison, Jill McDevit, Tracy Chandler, Anna Roberge, Marijke Fotia, Suzanne Leitner, Theresa Conroy, Elizabeth Martin, Paul Reitano, Leah Shellberg, Kyle Whisner, Ilona Kohlerova, Bob Joy, Ilona Kohlerova, Diane Blumin, Terry Lasky, James Shanahan, Craig Blumin, Lindsay Juley, Prissy Armfield, Kevin York, Dorothy Frey

Thank you to all those who contributed images to Sky Project!

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