Lease Artwork

Are you looking for beautiful artwork for your home or workspace?

Are you a designer who needs bright contemporary artwork for a house staging?

Here’s how leasing art works:

You pick the original paintings you want from the Shop. Or you tell me the amount of wall space you have available and I can recommend paintings to fit your space.

Email me the names of the paintings you want. I will reply with a confirmation and send you an invoice for the total cost to rent the artwork. Once you make a payment, we’ll schedule a delivery date.

The cost to lease art for 1 month is 5% of the original price. The minimum charge is $50 for 1 month, although the actual rental period can be shorter if needed.

If you decide to purchase the artwork, rental payments made will be applied to the total cost of the artwork.

The cost to deliver, install, and pick up artwork is $100 within the Triad area. Travel farther out will cost extra.

Email or call me at (336)283.0185 if you have any questions and want to lease artwork for your space.


Try Again Grow Calmer, oil on canvas, 60 x 48 inches, 2019
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