Custom Artwork


Do you want a painting made just for you? I would love to make your special painting come to life.

Looking for Epic Ride, Run or Hike Paintings? Find more information about those HERE.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire me to make a custom painting for you:

We’ll talk about what you’re looking for and anything you want to share with me about the painting you want. Are you looking for something more abstract or something based on a specific place or person? If it’s a particular place or person, I’ll ask you for photos. The more photos, the better.

We’ll set the size of the finished artwork according to your particular specifications and what you’d like to spend on your painting. My commissioned works start at $900 for an 8″x10″ inch oil or acrylic painting up to 5’x6′ single or multi panel works. And I’ll happily work larger if you have the space! Scroll down for more pricing examples.

Once you pay a 50% deposit, I’ll get to work. I also offer payment plans if you’d like more time to pay. 

If you’re commissioning a portrait or a painting of a particular place, I’ll make a sketch according to your specifications, and then send you the image for approval before I get started on the actual painting. If you’re commissioning an abstract piece I will not know what the painting will look like until it’s completed. It’s through the painting process that I figure out the finished painting. I understand that this is a bit of a leap of faith on your part!

Once I finish the painting, I’ll send you an image of the finished artwork.

After you pay the balance and any applicable shipping, I’ll deliver or ship the painting to you. (Shipping is extra according to size and where the painting is going.)

If I’m delivering the artwork, I’ll be happy to hang it for you. If I’m shipping the artwork and you have any questions about hanging or lighting your new painting, I’m happy to help too.

Give me a call at (336) 283-0185 or email me at to start the conversation.

Looking for ideas? Check out some of my paintings here. I’ll be happy to make your new painting inspired by one of those artworks.

Watch a time lapse showing the making of a commissioned artwork here.

Sample Pricing according to size:
Note that for portraits, the prices below include 1-2 people or pets. Contact me for portrait pricing for larger groups.

8 x 10 – $900
12 x 12 – $1,100
20 x 20 – $1,900
18 x 24 – $2,300
24 x 24 – $2,900
24 x 30 – $3,300
30 x 30 – $3,700
30 x 40 – $4,500
36 x 36 – $4,800
40 x 40 – $5,600
40 x 60 – $8,500
60 x 48 – $10,200
60 x 72 – $15,700

All sizes are in inches. Other sizes are available.
NC sales tax is not included for in-state purchases.
Shipping is not included.


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