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What we can do together

What do you want your creative life to look like?


We'll figure out what's got you in a creative rut, play with creativity boosting projects, and re-ignite your creative juices to get your flow back on. Together, we'll come up with actionable solutions to help you tap into your creative power, and design a plan to help you keep on creating.


Are you working on a big project? Maybe something that seems intimidating or overwhelming? I can help you see the big picture, prioritize, break down the project into smaller chunks, and make a plan so you can feel empowered and in control of your project. If you need another set of eyes, I can help with feedback.


We'll look at how you are presenting your work. Whether that's how you photograph your artwork, your webpage, social media, emails, or in print, we'll figure out how to make your work look its best.

About Jessica

Allow me to introduce myself.

I was born in Bangor, Maine and lived alternatively in France and the United States during my early years. I earned my BA magna cum laude with Highest Honors in 2002 from the College of William & Mary, Virginia, and my Masters of Fine Arts in 2004 from the University of Delaware while on a fellowship. Since 2002 I have taught fine art and graphic design classes at several schools including University of Delaware and Winston-Salem State University. In 2010, I completed the 500 Yoga Teacher Training from the Yoga Life Institute in Pennsylvania, and subsequently taught yoga and meditation in the US, Europe, and Australia. Since 2005, I have also lead epic bicycle tours all over Europe, Central America, and Australia and worked as a project manager in the adventure travel industry. In addition to painting, drawing, and teaching art, I write and run my own art business. I am fluent in French and English, and can get the job done in Italian and Spanish.

My watercolors are the subject of a book published in 2017, Little Watercolor Squares, and my award-winning paintings and drawings are exhibited and collected internationally.

I love to ride bikes and run and live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with my husband and our son. Want to know more? Visit my About page here.

How this works

Here's what to expect.

After you submit your form below, I'll contact you to set up a free 30-minute call to make sure I'm a good fit for you. Then we can setup our first coaching session.

If you are inquiring about a coaching session for a group or your business, please let me know if you are looking for me to give a talk or to lead a workshop. We'll go from there!

I believe that making art connects us to each other. I also believe that the world deserves your work.

Read my manifesto if you want to learn more about the role of art making in my life.

What they say

Some satisfied clients...

"I’m in a transitional point in my career and it’s been enormously helpful to have Jessica talk through some of the issues, focus my goals and set waypoints for the near and long term. We have weekly check-ins by email, speak at length monthly and I can reach out at other times, if necessary. Jessica easily adapts to different styles and needs of her clients. I highly recommend!"

-E. Stern, Artist

"Thank you so very much for a wonderful session this afternoon. It is just what I needed. Not only is your art incredibly inspiring to me, but you also are so generous in sharing the way you work and the tools you use and how you go about creating those wonderful works. I also appreciate that you were tuning in to my own individual way of working and challenges. You gave me artistic inspiration but also very practical steps to follow now. Again, thank you, thank you!"

-B. Lister-Sink, Artist

"Working with Jessica has been an enjoyable and fruitful experience. Her technical expertise combined with her rich life experience provided me with practical tools to quickly move through a period of creative malaise. Jessica’s no nonsense approach and tips for living a creative life are both inspiring and achievable."

-N. Woods, Artist

"Thank you Jessica for lighting the fire under my butt to get it going in all the details it takes to start a small business!"

-AK Landreth, Artist


This is what it will cost.


Monthly coaching

One 50-minute call once a month plus weekly email check-ins for one month. This is billed at the time of booking.


Three months of coaching

One 50-minute call once a month plus weekly email check-ins for three months. This is billed at the time of booking.


Six months of coaching

One 50-minute call once a month plus weekly email check-ins for six months. This is billed at the time of booking.

Group coaching

Inquire for Pricing

An engaging talk on creativity and/or a workshop for your group or business.

Get in touch

Let's be sure that I'm a good fit for you.

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