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Workshops at Sawtooth School of Art:

I am teaching 2 workshops this fall at the Sawtooth School of Art in Winston-Salem, NC. Click on the links below to register on the Sawtooth School website.

Oct. 19 @ 9:30AM – 3:30PM – Caring for the Creative Self

Taking time to be creative promotes relaxation, emotional release, and physical healing – all important for self-care and everyday wellbeing! This one-day workshop weaves together gentle yoga practices, journaling prompts, and mixed media art exercises to ignite your creativity and fill your emotional well. Take this opportunity to reinvigorate your body, mind, and spirit while learning creative self-care tools to incorporate into your creative routine. Please bring a lunch with you.

Scholarships are available for this workshop for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers through the Art + Wellness program. Please contact Emily Ortiz Badalamente directly at [email protected] to inquire about Art + Wellness Scholarships.

Jessica Singerman is team-teaching this workshop with Catherine Howard.

Oct. 25 @ 6-8PM and Oct. 26 @ 9:30AM – 3:30PM – Getting to the Essential – A Pathway to Abstraction through the Landscape

Learn how to distill what we see to its essential elements and translate this experience with paint. Using the landscape as our muse, we’ll learn how to create dynamic compositions, how to find (and lose!) edges and refine our sense of color. We’ll work from reference photos to learn how to use photography as a jumping off point to make a painting rather than making a copy of a photo. The instructor will project photos for the whole class to work from together. You’ll develop skills that you can apply to plein-air and studio painting. For effective learning, it is required that students have previous drawing and painting experience. Students need to bring their own oil painting supplies and panels or canvases on which to paint. A supply list will be sent to students beforehand.

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