Project 3

IMG_0320I made a little accordion book with cut-out cats. While it’s not as slick as I would have liked, it was my first time making a tiny accordion cut-out like this.(Although I do remember making snowflakes in grade school!)


















This was the process:
The drawings I did to figure things out:






















The template cat:






















The paper strip folded with the cover temporarily sewn on:






















The first rough cut. (My husband calls all the little pieces of paper “snipples”.)
















We’re visiting my parents’ house, and there wasn’t a good X-Acto blade here, so I cleaned it up as best I could with scissors. Luckily, mom had some nifty scrapbooking scissors that are pretty darn sharp. (Scrapbooking scissors?! I had no idea there was such a thing.)
















The sewn-on cover. This was tougher then I originally thought because the paper kept ripping close to the edge. (How should I make this next time though? Thicker paper would help solve the ripping issue, but the paper was already a bit thick to cut the whole stack with scissors. Some of the tiny elements, like ears, are partly ripped as well.)






















The finished book with the closure at the mouth and paws. I was thinking of a cat playing with string for this.






















This project took a whole lot longer to complete than expected!

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