Large Abstract Painting in Living Room

I am inspired by the poetry of nature: color and light in the landscape, seasons, and the passing of time. All of our senses are awakened when we spend time outside. The rhythm of steps while hiking, the whir and clicks on a bike ride, the changing shapes of light and shadow between trees, the sound of birdsong—the memory of all these impacts on my senses feeds into my process of abstraction. I love to explore my experiences in nature through the formal elements of color, shape, line and composition.

Here’s what people have to say about my work:

“I just got the print, I LOVE IT! It will take its premium place in my apartment, I can’t wait to put it on the wall.
Thank you so much for the trouble you went through to send it to me and for the meticulous packing job, everything is just perfect.”

– Ioanna Yiasemi

“Trail Buddies is a marvelous painting, brimming with doggie enthusiasm and happiness. The vibrant colours bring a lively energy to the room and I love how the paintings’ colours match those in the nearby Geological Map of the British Isles. What’s best is that every time I look at Trail Buddies I smile!”

– Nicola Woods

“Makes me smile every time I walk in the door! It’s my favorite room now.”

– Christy Daniel

“I LOVE my painting. I didn’t really know what to expect and I’m so glad I did it.” (ordered a custom painting)

– Tom d’Alessio

“We are so pleased with the paintings. We have them hung in two prominent spots. We can see them regularly which is great, since there is always something new and interesting to be seen in them.”

– Michael Berry

“I would recommend Jessica’s work to anyone. The work she made for me was very personal – not like anything you can get from a store. And she’s always open to my ideas for projects.”

– Jim Whitler

“I immediately fell in love with the surfer painting. When the bicycle race materialized, I knew it had to be a trio of favorite outdoor sports. As lovely as the first two are, Jessica outdid herself with the skiers, in my opinion. Whenever I need to escape for a few minutes I will look at these paintings.”

– Ann Groninger

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